The oil industry is spending more than $20 Million to lie about initiative 1631.

But now lots of people have seen their misleading TV ads, gotten their mailers and seen their relentless posts on social media. Lots of you have emailed and called members of the campaign asking how to respond and rebut their lies. Here’s the best advice we have:

#1 – Lead with talking about who’s behind the lies.
Many people are genuinely confused and don’t know which side to trust. Our research shows most effective thing you can do to win over an undecided voter is to start by making sure they know that I-1631 is supported by groups who care about our community like the American Lung Association, The Nature Conservancy and the League of Women Voters and 99.9% of the NO Campaign’s funding is from Big Oil Companies. Just knowing that Big Oil is behind the attack ads moves more voters into our camp than anything else.

Read more at dontspoilwa.org

#2 – Remind folks that Big Oil is fighting to avoid accountability and protect their profits.
In addition to just reminding that Big Oil is funding the NO campaign, make sure they know WHY they are funding it. Big Oil Companies are spending millions of dollars lying about 1631 because they do not want us to hold them accountable and they don’t want to pay for their pollution.

Read more at dontspoilwa.org

#3 – Back yourself up with reputable sources and validators.
Some of our trusted partners have done a great job debunking big oil’s lies. Use their arguments and remember to context that the attack ads are from BIG OIL but actually the Union of Concerned Scientists or the Washington Budget and Policy Center say they’re lying.

Union of Concerned Scientists blog debunking No On 1631 arguments

Washington Budget and Policy Center study debunking No On 1631’s outrageous cost estimates

#4 Practice our frequently asked questions
The campaign’s communications team put together this great FAQ that’s on every canvasser’s clipboard. Check it out here.

#5 Focus on people who are genuinely confused or undecided, not folks who outright oppose
This is going to be a close election and we won’t be able to persuade everyone. Pick your battles, don’t worry about persuading every person you talk to. Focus on the folks who are actually confused or undecided not folks who are leaning against us. I know it can be hard, but it’s how we’re going to win!

#6 Hit the streets and talk to voters!
We’re doing everything we can to push back on the lies coming from big oil. This is going to be a CLOSE election and talking to voters directly is going to really make a difference. We have a plan to talk to 250,000 more voters before election day. Sign up for a canvass this week!

Remember if you need specific help you can always email our Deputy Communication Director Jack@yeson1631.org

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Field Director, Yes On 1631
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