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We invite you to join us for next week’s Solutionary Rail Hive Call:

Tuesday, February 6

5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern


About the Call:

2024 promises to be a pivotal year for the future of rail in the US.

  • There is a growing public awareness of how private freight railroad corporations have been maximizing profits at the expense of service, workers and community safety.
  • Simultaneously, there is both an increased desire for a return of passenger and freight service to communities that have been left behind and federal support to make that happen.
  • Rail electrification and use of rail as a climate solution is gaining momentum. Industrial labor, railroad workers and environmental justice communities are beginning to lock arms on critical next steps.

On this first Hive call of 2024 we’ll hear from special guest HollyAnna LittleBull about possible treaty obligations the Yakama nation may have to rail service and how that could play a role in returning East-West passenger (and freight) service in Washington State. Bill Moyer will update us on how Solutionary Rail is working with allies across the country to build a broader alliance for rail in the public interest through convenings in Chicago, DC and elsewhere. Dr. Breck Lebegue will share a brief presentation on rail’s role in transport to specialty medical care, and Mary Paterson will report on WA state Rail Can’t Wait efforts.

One idea we’d like Hive members to consider is a possible multi-state strategy to get states to adopt California’s locomotive emission standards. The EPA has revised its rules on preemption to allow other state to adopt California’s standards. The electrification of rail yards is a critical step in that process. SR has advanced a legislative proviso for surveying switcher locomotives in WA state and a benefit cost analysis of rail yard electrification. And we want to hear what’s happening in your community regarding rail.

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What is the SR Hive?

*Solutionary Rail “Hive” members are volunteers who take initiative in various ways around the country to promote SR concepts including rail in the public interest. Everyone works autonomously and we share information and learn together via SR interviews and other resources.


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