Friends, It’s Time to #DumpPSE

This Valentine’s Day, it seems like we have more reasons than ever to break up with Puget Sound Energy (PSE). We’re tired of their lies that harm our climate and communities. PSE continuously pushes fossils, and especially fracked gas. They have shown time and again that they’re more loyal to profit than people. Take this quick quiz to see if it’s time for you to break up with PSE too. When you do, you will be entered into a raffle to win a treat from Power Past Fracked Gas!!

We also think it’s time for PSE to end their relationship with Partnership for Energy Progress, an industry front group spreading propaganda about “natural” gas, that has gone so far as to target children with coloring pages and online games! Send PSE executives an email urging them #DitchPEP

Want to learn more about Puget Sound Energy and their impacts on our region? Register here for remaining events in the PSE Community Empowerment Series happening on Thursdays at 6pm, or catch up on previous events from the series in this Taking Our Power Back Resources Doc.

May better energy relationships be on our horizon!

Stacy Oaks

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