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As we look forward to healing some of the damage done to our nation over the last four years, we can also look to repair mistakes made locally, including Puget Sound Energy’s devastating decision to build a fracked gas facility on the ancestral tideflats of the Puyallup Tribe —without consent, and before it was fully permitted.

Join us for the November Tacoma LNG Resistance Work Team Meeting
Thursday, November 19th at 12pm
Register Here!

Our Resistance Team has all kinds of ways to plug in — help us plan upcoming artful actions like a die-in, art car caravan, and bannering, or be part of education and outreach efforts planning online events, letter writing, and social media amplification.

Legal appeals for this fracked gas facility are set to be heard in March 2021 and the best way to help as we wait for justice in the courts is to demand justice in the streets and on social media. Along with violating Puyallup treaty rights and sovereignty, Puget Sound Energy is endangering the health and safety of nearby communities, while locking us into decades of continued fossil fuel use and the abuses of fracking that go with it.

Can’t make it on the 19th but want to get involved? Fill out this volunteer form or email Anna!

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In solidarity,
Stacy Oaks, 350 Seattle Tacoma LNG Resistance Team



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