Last night British Petroleum’s cap and trade bill passed House Environment in the state legislature by a single vote. Committee members of both parties decried the 36 hours they were given to try to understand and fix the flawed bill they received from the senate.

Leadership is in a rush to claim a false climate victory and fund a huge roads package. Problematic parts of the bill remain unrepaired. Environmental justice concerns remain unmet.

Pollution trading will not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now more than ever we need to show our legislators that Washingtonians want climate JUSTICE, not false solutions. The final hearing is scheduled for Monday morning and we need to make sure our voices are heard.

Click here and sign-in CON in the final hearing for SB 5126, the cap and trade bill.

This indicates that you oppose the bill and does not obligate you to attend the hearing. Be sure to leave the “organization” field blank, or all our comments will count as one!

Thank you for speaking out for environmental justice!

David, for 350 Seattle

PS Want to do more? Use this bill comment form to tell both your Represenatives that using pollution trading fees to build roads is unacceptable.





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