Thank you for signing the Banking on our Future Pledge. The more pledges, the more powerful we are. Let’s use the Power of 5: help us get 5 more people to sign the pledge! Please share the petition on social media and forward the sample email below to your friends, neighbors, family, fellow alumni, community groups, and more….

Third Act will keep you informed about the progress of this campaign and to support you in your organizing. As we collaborate to build a movement of engaged Third Actors like you, stay tuned for ways to grow your impact, tag in others, and turn up the heat on the banks in creative ways.

Together, we will flex our economic power and persuade these banks to move their money away from fossil fuels and invest in a better future for coming generations.

We look forward to our continued work together,

Vanessa Arcara, Third Act


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  • Major banks are financing climate destruction. We don’t want our money to bankroll fossil fuel companies. Sign Third Act’s pledge to quit these banks if they won’t quit funding the climate crisis. #BankingOnOurFuture


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Subject: Join me in signing the Banking on our Future Pledge to move big banks out of polluting fossil fuel investments

Dear friend,

We know that big banks are playing a key role in propping up the oil and gas industry that pours carbon pollution into the atmosphere. I, for one, don’t want the money I’ve saved to be used to bankroll climate destruction. If we stop the banks from lending to fossil fuel companies, the industry will be forced to shut down.

That’s why I signed this Banking on our Future Pledge organized by Third Act. Please join me! The more people sign, the greater our collective impact will be on persuading these banks to stop financing the climate crisis.

Here’s the gist of the pledges: if by year’s end, Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo are still funding fossil fuel projects, I pledge to close my account and cut up my credit card. If I don’t bank at these institutions now, I pledge I won’t do so in the future.

Please pass this action on and help get more signatures! Share via email, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Sign the Banking on our Future Pledge today!

Thank you for making a difference!



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