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Hi Jeanne Poirier,

Thank you for attending Third Act All-In Call: January 2022. We hope you enjoyed our event.

Please submit your questions or comments to: info@thirdact.org.

We hope you were enlivened by our calls to action and to build community. Remember, we are powerful when we all work together.

So: let’s get banks to stop financing climate destruction! Sign the pledge at this link (and share it around with friends and networks): https://thirdact.org/what-we-do/banking-on-our-future/

And if you’d like to get a head start, you can sign up for our next big call in February—and other Third Act workshops—at https://thirdact.org/events.

If you didn’t get a chance during the call, the place to send any feedback for next time is: https://forms.gle/x3V6fwA6LfXTWZ959

Keen to share or rewatch this event? You can view the recording here: https://vimeo.com/670818193

Thanks for all you do,
The team at Third Act