Jeanne —

On the banks of the great Mississippi, an epic showdown is brewing over the Line 3 pipeline. On the one side are Indigenous land defenders and their allies; on the other is Enbridge, the continent’s largest fossil fuel infrastructure company.

On July 22nd, major banks will decide whose side they are on. That is the day that JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America have loans worth nearly $5 billion that are due for renewal to Enbridge, the company building Line 3.

Can you send an email to the CEOs and top executives of the banks funding Line 3, demanding that they walk away from this toxic pipeline?

Line 3 would be a catastrophe. Its annual climate pollution would be greater than that of the entire country of Argentina, home to 45 million people.

We know that Enbridge wouldn’t be able to build Line 3, if it not for the billions in loans that major Wall Street banks provide. Money is to the fossil fuel industry what oxygen to fire ― without it, they will soon be extinguished.

Can you take ten seconds to send an email to the top decision-makers at Citibank, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America? Your email will go directly into the inbox of the CEOs.

We know that we have the bankers’ attention; now we need to keep it up.

In solidarity,
Alec, for the Stop the Money Pipeline team

PS: Water Protectors in Minnesota have made it clear that they want people to travel to MN to take a stand with them. That’s why next Tuesday, July 20th we’re organizing Seattle → Line 3: connect, learn, go. RSVP and attend if you can.



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