Trump’s new NAFTA deal is a disaster. It would encourage the outsourcing of pollution and jobs, offer special handouts to fossil fuel companies, lock in fossil fuel dependency, and prolong this administration’s polluting legacy for years to come. You can learn more on the Trade Policy Team page.

The new NAFTA also includes new rights for big pharmaceutical companies that would lock in high medicine prices —so Big Pharma has decided to lead the charge in its favor…and it may be working. If enough Democrats don’t oppose the deal, and specifically the drug chapter, it may be given a vote in Congress soon — and it could pass. Bad for our health, and terrible for the climate.

We need you! Can you please sign and circulate this petition demanding that Big Pharma giveaways be eliminated from any final NAFTA deal?  

If you are in Representative Kim Schrier’s or Adam Smith’s district, please ALSO call their offices and ask them to oppose Trump’s new NAFTA unless it is renegotiated without the pro Big Pharma terms. 

Adam Smith:(425) 793-5180
Kim Schrier: (425) 657-1001

If the push-back against Big Pharma is strong enough, Trump will be forced to renegotiate those terms — and it will give us the time we need to fight against all climate-killing terms in the deal.

Thank you for all you do!

Selden Prentice, 350 Seattle

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