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Here are the notes from tonight’s meeting chalked full of links to toolkits and digital actions! Big thanks to Sue from 350PDX for taking notes

Some highlights:

  • We decided on a Chase Week of Action for the first week of March! To coordinate sign up for tactics/date
  • #DefundLine3 campaign launched today! Take Action Toolkit
  • Lots of tactics coming for Adopt an Exec and the Digital Takeover!
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Feb 6, 2021

Intros & Check ins

  • 15 Attendees: Ethan (RAN), Alec (STMP), Leah Redwood (XR Bay Area), Giselle (350 Colorado), Allie Lindstrom (Future Coalition), Seth (350 Madison), Jenifer Schramm (350PDX), Sue Palmiter (350PDX), Jordan Dale (350 NJ), Ruth (RAN), Thomas Lopez (Future Coalition), Cailie Kafura (Rising Tide Chicago), Ted Conwell (Climate First!), Jim Thompson (THIS! IS What We Did – San Jose), Fred Krimgold (Climate First!), Eric Gill (XRLA), Kyle Finch (XRLA), Rose (Chicago)

  • Awesome set of favorite HS classes

#DefundLine3 Launch

  • Enbridge Line 3 credit renewal background and strategy

    • Banks have to renew their loans by March 31

      • Business as usual or walk away from Enbridge

  • Tara blog: https://stopthemoneypipeline.com/announcing-the-defundline3-campaign/

  • 2/16 – Campaign Kick off

  • Weekly (or more often) actions – Take :Action Toolkit

    • Written for organizers: emails, social media posts, etc.

  • First 2 actions = email to CEOs and execs & Kick Off

    • Chase targets on action = Dimon, Bacon, Pinto, Petno, Arnold, Hobson, Crown

    • Take action: here

    • 1,300+ emails sent so far to 18 Bank’s CEO’s

    • RSVP to Kick off

  • Key dates and tactics – page 3 of Toolkit

  • Goals

    • Building nationally and also with Canada (RBC and Toronto Dominion – 1300 banks in US), outreach to International (MUFG in Japan, Europe, UK, Switzerland, Germany)

    • Youth Actions with College Climate Coalition – March 5

    • NY (big action on March 3)

  • In-person COVID Safe Actions

    • Feb 19th (Seattle – LM Headquarters and 5 Chase Bank demos)

    • Twin Cities the first week of March

    • Will add in COVID-safe action information

  • Projection actions

    • Land a few in early March

  • Artists in Minnesota

    • File of artwork will be coming

  • Unicorn Riot with the Collective

    • Week of StopLine3 – pictures, inspiration feeding to all of us

  • XR Movie Fundraiser (next 2 weeks)

    • Panel of Monday night Feb 15th at 5:00PT with Tara and Filmmaker

Executive Strategy

  • Report back from Working Group

    • Defund Line3 to scale up the efforts with Adopt-An-Executive

      • Tie destruction to people who are responsible – making it personal

    • Daniel Pinto, Co-President of Chase (350PDX): Form email went out for distribution with 20+ (STMP-PDX groups, Oregon groups, religious institutions); Have 2 team members calling/emailing Pinto’s email

      • Chase Execs and Board Members such as Pinto were included in the Line 3 STMP action; more the merrier

    • Melody Hobson (Chicago): Consistent drum beat of tactics, Mock pipelines on ATM’s (toilet paper rolls), postcards, virtual bird-dogging

  • Coordinated tactics like postcards

    • 350Seattle wants postcards

  • Wealthy Business Owner – did not take $30M loan and shifted away from Chasel; got a meeting with Doug Petno which Alec coached her about

  • Chase Top Management Map? – RAN has this

Digital takeover – Feb 28th – March 6th

  • Reportback

    • Updated visuals and reviews 2/8

    • Colorado State Game event competition (Giselle) – 1st week of March; maybe coordinated action; March 3 or 5 in evening

  • Idea for discussion: Revamp the Takeover to have Line 3-focused reviews & push it out as part of defund Line 3 campaign?

Action Calendar and Coordination

  • Sign up for tactics/date

  • Coordinated Chase Week of Actions first week of March! – YES

    • Pick week: March 6 coordinated actions?

      • XRLA

        • Car Caravan in LA: Kicking off starting to March 5th

        • Banner Drops in LA: Chase specific (ongoing)

      • Maybe more media coverage?  Communications Working Group “Banks have a part to play to stop Line 3” story

        • Local media likes to cover what local folks are doing

  • Go around of groups


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