Hey 350 WA friends! 

This upcoming event hosted by the Field Team at 350 dot org is really cool. It’s a huge opportunity to meet other 350 local groups and to get some real support for those of us organizing in regions prone to wildfire, flooding, and other climate-crisis-fueled weather events.
I plan to attend, and I hope to see some of my 350 PNW friends there too if you can make it! My amazing colleague Amira will be hosting us, and I’m excited to meet more people from 350 local groups in the US.


Warm hugs,

Grace Hope (they/them)

Leadership Development Director with 350 Seattle 
Network Facilitator with the 350 WA Network
Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup

Hi, Local Group Leaders!

In the past years we have experienced a record breaking number of hurricanes, wildfires and millions at risk of further climate disasters. Local groups like yours are fighting from the frontlines against these impacts, and at 350 we are working to support you and uplift your voices.

As we prepare for the disasters expected to affect the US this year, we are launching the Climate Disaster Working Group. A space for local groups, like yours, in regions at risk of extreme weather events like wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, heatwaves and/or extreme winters. We would love for you to participate!

Join us on June 8 at 7:00pm EST, 4:00pm PST for our first meeting.

This working group will be an opportunity to prepare and coordinate on-the ground efforts ahead of anticipated climate impact seasons, ensure emergency relief for your area, and support you with spokesperson, communications, and storytelling training. 

We are hoping this space will strengthen our cross-movement work, build relationships across groups within the same regions, and increase information sharing to allow us to collectively come up with creative, timely, and compassionate responses that highlight and support those most impacted. 

Register here to join our first Climate Disasters Working Group meeting on June 8.

If you are interested in being part of this space or have any questions, please reach out to Amira Odeh at amira.odeh@350.org

In solidarity, Amira Odeh

350.org US Gulf and Caribbean Organizer

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