How do you follow up big campaign wins this year? The answer is easy: you keep up the pressure!

Today, we’re announcing our next BIG campaign: We’re taking on 17 of the world’s biggest corporations AT.THE.SAME.TIME. Will you be a part of it?

The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo and Indonesia are our last best line of defense against the climate crisis. But these 17 corporations are making massive profits by driving their destruction and the violation of human rights. That has to end NOW.

Over the last decade, hundreds of major global brands and banks have made public commitments to stop deforestation, peatland development and abuse of human rights in supply chains, investments and financing portfolios. Ten years on, very few of these companies are on track to deliver on their promises.

We’ve given each of these corporations plenty of time to put their money where their mouths are — and they’ve failed. Actions speak louder than words. These 17 brands and banks represent some of the most influential corporations fueling the destruction of rainforests and the violation of human rights. And we’re here to hold each and every one of these companies accountable. There’s no time left to lose.

It’s time for these companies to end deforestation once and for all. And to keep forests standing, corporations must uphold human rights, because it’s proven that strong and organized local and Indigenous communities are the most effective forest defenders in the world.

So how can we stand up against some of the world’s biggest corporations? Well that’s also an easy answer: our not-so-secret weapon is YOU. You’ve already proven that people power can move the world’s largest corporations — so now it’s time for action.

RAN has put these mega corporations on notice, but we need your help to let them know that business as usual should have ended 10 years ago when promises were made to curb deforestation and respect rights by 2020. Because here we are in 2020 and there’s little real change in sight.

We’re long done with empty policy promises: the communities fighting for their rights and the wildlife struggling to survive deserve concrete action NOW.

It’s time for immediate action that reflects the stakes we now face: there’s no extension on the deadlines of the climate crisis. There’s no room for profits over people and planet.

It’s high time these companies cleaned up their own messes. Enough delays, enough talk. Call on brands and banks to take action now.

For the forests,

Robin Averbeck
Forest Program Director
Rainforest Action Network



At RAN, we take the “Network” in our name seriously. It is only through your support that we are able to fund major campaigns for the forests, their inhabitants and the natural systems that sustain life. Please consider joining RAN as a Member by making a gift today.

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