Jeanne —

The past few weeks have been frightening and challenging. Many people feel more isolated than ever, and a lot of people in our communities are in dire straits.

That’s why a group of us came together to launch Seattle Mutual Aid: Neighborhood Pods. A neighborhood pod is a group of neighbors who agree to support one another through this crisis and beyond. That might mean buying groceries for neighbors who are quarantined or at risk, helping a neighbor who has lost a job pay the bills, or just providing emotional support to folks who are stuck alone.

Can you join a neighborhood pod near you? Or, if there’s not one near you…start one! Read the full toolkit here. Please also share the Facebook post to spread the word.

We know this crisis won’t be the last one. Building resilient structures to take care of one another will prepare us to weather the storms (literal or metaphoric) that will come, and will also make our communities stronger.

The world we’ll have after coronavirus will be shaped by what we do now. We can give even more power to mega-corporations like Amazon and retreat from our neighbors, or we can build a more connected neighborhood ready to both prevent and respond to the coming climate crises.

Please join us!

In solidarity,
Ahmed and Anna for 350 Seattle


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