Jeanne —

As Congress confronts the Covid-19 crisis, it’s imperative that it address the underlying failings of our current system—and not exacerbate the climate crisis. While fossil fuel companies are cynically using the pandemic to demand a bailout of their industry (which was already on life-support prior to the pandemic), workers and families are struggling to pay their rent and utilities.

Please call your Congressional representatives with the following message regarding Covid-19 legislation:

  • Refuse an oil industry bailout!
  • To address our economic woes, use federal dollars to build up clean energy infrastructure and create new jobs.
  • Include a provision requiring a  nationwide moratorium on all electricity, water, telecommunications, broadband and other utility shut offs, and providing financial assistance for low-wealth households.

Please call Senators Murray and Cantwell with the same messages, and also ask them to sign Senator Merkely’s letter about the moratorium by 10am ET tomorrow:

Maria Cantwell – (206) 220-6400
Patty Murray – (206) 553-5545

We know how this goes — if we don’t stand up for the world we need now, corporations and billionaires will step into the gap to make sure they’re the ones that get bailed out.

In solidarity,
Selden and David



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