Hello Fellow Climate Advocates!
The deciding vote on Cap and Trade could be scheduled any minute but apparently it is meeting some resistance in the House, so it’s not too late to take action!
There is a lot of pressure to pass this bill, but the current version is worse than the original. If legislators are going to pass it, the least they can do is withhold their vote until these critical changes are made:

1. Remove all regulatory preemption from the bill.

2.  Require EITEs reduce their pollution after 4 years, instead of providing endless giveaways.
3. Prohibit the import of previously banked allowances.
4. Give all pollution allowances an expiration date of no more than 8 years.
This bill is bad enough. But without these changes, it would be truly impossible for the state to meet its climate goals. Can you take a minute to call and email key legislators **tonight** to ask them to stand up for effective climate policy? More information, scripts and contact information here.
The House could vote as soon as tomorrow, but if they are unable to reconcile all the requested changes, the bill may die on the floor. So this is the time to make your voice heard! Thank you for your advocacy!
In solidarity,
PS Please feel free to share this with your networks!