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Fri 12/21/2018, 12:07 PM
We’re finally having a national conversation about climate change policies at the scale needed to stop the crisis, and House Dems are throwing up roadblocks?!

This week, Speaker Pelosi pushed forward a watered-down version of a climate committee, one which promises lackluster climate commitments and representatives taking money from the fossil fuel industry.

We need a REAL Green New Deal, one that doesn’t make political compromises with our climate future.

Momentum is building – with 45 Representatives signed on, more than 300 state and local officials in solidarity and 81% of registered voters in favor, it’s clear that the Green New Deal has the potential to transform our politics and response to the climate crisis. But only if House Dems refuse to accept Pelosi’s compromised committee.

Can you take 5 minutes and call in support of the REAL Deal?

Have just one more second? Tweet at them too!

Because otherwise they’ll need coal in their stockings…
Jess Wallach, 350 Seattle

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