hi all,
This morning Chase held its grand opening for its first branch in St. Paul, MN. Right as the new branch opened its doors for the first time about 40 youth leaders from nearby Macalester College flooded inside and held a die-in in the lobby. The die-in was then brought back to life with a raucous banjo-driven dance party! We loudly occupied the lobby for about 30 min until the police arrived and threatened arrests. We continued to rally outside on the busy street corner to demand Chase defund climate change and the Line 3 pipeline.
Since today was the grand opening of the branch there were a bunch of Chase higher ups there from across the country including a Regional Manager of Chase in Minnesota.
Twitter: @ResistLine3 
Facebook: Stop Line 3
Attached are a couple of the highlight photos with a full album and action video coming soon.
Shout out to the following student groups for organizing today’s action: Macalester Pipeline Resistance Group, Young Democratic Socialists, Sunrise Movement Macalester, Mactivists for Reproductive Rights, and Twin Cities Extinction Rebellion
Also, I’m writing from the coffee shop across the street and a group of bankers just walked in to get coffee. I went and bird-dogged them a bunch while they waited for their mochas. 😉

Ethan Nuss

Organizing Strategist

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