Hi all,

A group of us climate and social policy experts, w affiliations spanning Sanders/Warren/Inslee campaigns, have drafted a letter to the US Congress urging them to start planning a Green Stimulus to rebuild the economy.
Here’s the letter. It’s got links to a Google form where you can sign.
In the letter, we provide a rationale and a long list of policy options across 8 different policy domains. While most physical work can’t start right away, now is the time to plan it, so that projects are shovel ready once it’s healthy to get out there.
More important, we believe that we need to do everything possible, right now, to get green stimulus policies that would tackle the climate emergency and inequalities at the same time into public debate, as well as the hands of congressional staffers, organizers, journalists, thought leaders, etc. No letter can do that alone. But as we’ve learned from Naomi Klein, in crises, you need to have good ideas lying around. It’s not nearly enough, but it’s a piece of the puzzle.
Please feel free to pass this along to others.
NOTE: We’ve made clear in the google form, and will make clear when we make the letter public, that institutional affiliations are for informational purposes only and do *not* constitute endorsement. Hopefully that makes it easier for some to sign.

Please feel free to reach out w any thoughts or questions.

all best

Daniel Aldana Cohen (he, his, him)
Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Senior Fellow, Data for Progress

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