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New Anti-Line 3 Music Video!

Dear Jeanne

We have some exciting news to share:

A powerful new documentary music video entitled “Shell River Seven” just dropped — and we want you to be one of the first people to view it here!

Directed for Honor the Earth by veteran filmmaker Keri Pickett and set to Jackson Browne’s version of “I am a patriot”, this moving video shows how six courageous women peacefully faced off with law enforcement on the banks of the Shell River this past summer.

Putting their bodies on the front line, these Water Protectors bravely stood their ground for hours in the sweltering heat in the name of protecting the river. 

Will you watch their heroic actions and share the video with your family and friends before midnight?

Jeanne, in the end, all six Water Protectors and one journalist were arrested during this peaceful demonstration.

In fact, we’ve documented over 1,000 arrests of peaceful opponents of Line 3 this year — all while government officials in Minnesota, like Governor Walz, allow Enbridge to continue destroying our rivers and aquifers with impunity.

Now, hundreds of Water Protectors are facing criminal charges for standing in defense of their water, land, and the treaty rights of the Anishinaabe people. So the Stop Line 3 coalition is demanding officials drop all charges IMMEDIATELY. 

Will you sign the petition to Gov. Walz and Attorney General Ellison demanding an end to these punitive charges against Water Protectors? 


We need you to understand, Jeanne.


While hundreds of Water Protectors are being arrested and prosecuted, Enbridge has been allowed to damage major aquifers and release toxic chemicals into our rivers via 28 reported “frac-outs” spills.


And in the coming months, we may learn the damage caused by the Line 3 construction is far worse than what’s been reported as we’re working to monitor the entire length of the pipeline and surround areas using drones and thermal imaging.


But regardless of what the imaging reveals, one thing is clear. Government officials like Gov. Walz must stop targeting peaceful Water Protectors and instead, start focusing their energy on holding Enbridge accountable. 


Will you watch their heroic actions and share the video with your family and friends before midnight?


Thank you!


The Stop Line 3 Team

Honor the Earth, P.O. Box 63, Callaway United States
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