Content warning: This email describes police violence.

Jeanne –

Over the weekend, 20 water protectors were brutally arrested in Northern Minnesota for peacefully resisting the Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

Here’s a glimpse of the scene from Tara Houska, water protector and founder of the Giniw Collective:

“The level of brutality that was unleashed on us was very extreme. People were shot in their faces, in their bodies, in their upper torsos. It was a really, really brutal scene.

We were outnumbered by police at least two to one. We were under smoky skies and a red sun due to the wildfires that are raging in Ontario, just north of us and west of us, and next to a drought-stricken river.”

This is unacceptable, Jeanne. We must stand in solidarity with those on the frontlines and continue to put pressure on President Biden to stop this pipeline. Will you help?

Here are three actions you can take right now to call on President Biden to #StopLine3:

  1. Contact the White House: Fill in your contact information and write a message in your own words here about why you want Biden to stop Line 3.

Sample: “Please stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. Like Keystone XL, the Line 3 tar sands pipeline is a threat to our climate and water and violates Native American treaty rights. Please take action to stop the construction and invest in clean energy instead.”

  1. Share on Social Media: We need to spread the word and show President Biden that Americans across the country are watching. Send a message to Biden on Twitter here, or share this post on Facebook here.
  2. Join one of the resistance camps: We know it’s a big ask, but it is a huge privilege for Indigenous leaders to extend this invitation and offer an opportunity for supporters like you to learn directly from frontline leaders. All participants must adhere to the camp’s safety protocols, including COVID-19 guidelines. Learn more and sign up here.

Just last week, a spill was reported on the Mississippi River. Meanwhile, more than 75% of Minnesota is in severe or extreme drought and wildfires are causing the worst air quality in Minnesota history.

The climate crisis is here – in Minnesota and across the country – and we have a moral obligation to stop all fossil fuels now. Period.

President Biden declared climate change the “number one issue facing humanity” and vowed a national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. And yet he has allowed Line 3 to continue even though he has the authority to pull the federal permits now.

We’re done with empty words, Jeanne. Please take one of the actions above and together we can put as much pressure on Biden as possible.

Thank you for taking action.

– Team 350


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