On March 31st a $2.2 billion loan to Enbridge, the company behind Line 3, is due for renewal by 18 major banks. Between now and then, we’re going to be campaigning hard to get those banks to walk away from that toxic loan.

Over the next 47 days, we will be taking action online and offline, we’ll be swamping CEOs phone lines and email inboxes, and we’ll be projecting massive #DefundLine3 messages outside of the New York homes of bank executives.

As an Anishinaabe woman who is dedicating her life to stopping Line 3, I am writing to ask that you join us in this effort. There are two actions that you can take as part of the campaign, right now.

    1. RSVP for our #DefundLine3 Campaign Kick-Off event on Tuesday, February 16th at 5 PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET.

At the campaign kick-off event, you’ll hear from Indigenous leaders at the forefront of the resistance. Stop the Money Pipeline organizers will walk through the #DefundLine3 campaign plan step-by-step, let you know how you can participate at every stage, and give you all the tools you need to involve your friends and your community in the campaign.

    1. Donate directly to the frontlines of Line 3 resistance.

By donating to the frontlines, you will be supporting Native-led direct action resistance camps that are on the sacred Indigenous lands that Enbridge plans to tear up to build its poisonous pipeline.

At our resistance camps, we train, prepare and support people ― emotionally, physically and spiritually ― who are willing to put their bodies on the line to directly stop the construction of Line 3. We teach people a different way of being, of what life in balance could be. People like Emma Harrison, who climbed a tripod in the midst of a Minnesota winter to disrupt the construction of Line 3 for several hours, and Cody Reid-McKee, a land defender who was the locked by their neck to an Enbridge pipe yard, again shutting down construction for hours.

This steady direct action resistance forms cracks in the world of profit margins. As we learned at Standing Rock, Indigenous land defense poses a deep reputational risk to the financial institutions profiting from oil pipelines. Our commitment and self-sacrifice in taking this direct action sends a clear message to Wall Street executives that funding toxic projects like Line 3 comes with what bank executives call “social risk.”

It is this work that you are supporting when you choose to donate directly to our Line 3 resistance camps.

The work of being on the frontlines is hard. Seeing your people’s land and sacred places torn apart in front of your eyes is physically painful. But one thing that makes our work on the frontlines just a little bit easier is knowing that we have the support of allies across Turtle Island.

Today, there are two ways that you can show your solidarity with our struggle: RSVP to join the #DefundLine3 campaign kick-off event and once you have done that, and if you are in a position to do so, you can donate directly to the frontlines.

I look forward to seeing you at our campaign kick-off call.

– Tara Houska for Stop the Money Pipeline

P.S. If you missed the email I sent to you on Monday to announce the launch of our #DefundLine3 campaign you can click here to read it and take your first action as part of the campaign.

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