Stopping Line 3 is a matter of intergenerational justice.

It is young people who are already bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, and it is future generations who will grow up in a world hollowed out by extinctions and ecosystem destruction.

Rather than enjoying the privileges and stability generations before us took for granted, we are facing a future ever more ravaged by wildfires, hurricanes, and sea level rise ― unless we end our addiction to fossil fuels.

This is one of the reasons why I have been fighting the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline for the last five years. And it is why I am part of the #DefundLine3 campaign.

Today, we are picking up the phone and calling bank executives to demand that they do not renew their loan deal with Enbridge and that they #DefundLine3. Click here to call the CEOs of the Wall Street titans bankrolling Line 3 now.

In early 2017, I was a part of a group of 13 young people who intervened in the legal process to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. For over a year, we represented ourselves in complex legal proceedings. Pulling all-nighters, we taught ourselves the ins and outs of an obscure regulatory process, brought in Indigenous elders and climate scientists as our witnesses, and brought our voices directly to decision makers.

Yet, in 2018, the MN Public Utilities Commission approved the permits for Line 3 over not just our opposition, but also the opposition of the Red Lake Nation, the White Earth Nation, and the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, as well as several of MN’s own government agencies. In total, 94% of the thousands of public comments were opposed to the building of Line 3.

Young people have been betrayed at every step of the political process.Politicians like Minnesota Governor Tim Walz have put profit over people and given a green light to the colonial, white supremacist carbon bomb that is Line 3. Now, Enbridge is rushing construction to complete this pipeline before we get our day in court.

That’s why we have been running an increasingly loud and powerful campaign to call on President Biden to revoke Line 3’s federal permits that were rushed through in the final days of the Trump administration. And it’s why Water Protectors have been engaging in bold nonviolent direct action; in the middle of a freezing Minnesota winter over one hundred people have been arrested for stopping construction.

Click here to take action today. We provide the phone numbers and call scripts. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial. Together, we can swamp their phone lines with thousands of calls demanding that they stop funding Line 3.

Since last week, more than 10,000 of you have sent direct emails to the CEOs of the 18 banks that have a $2.2 billion loan to Enbridge, the corporation behind Line 3, that expires on March 31st. Last night, more than 600 of you joined the #DefundLine3 Campaign Launch where we took action together and heard from Anishinaabe frontline leaders Tara Houska and Taysha Martineau.

Now is the time to make their phones ring off the hook. If enough of us make our voices heard, we can move mountains.

In solidarity
~ Akilah for Stop the Money Pipeline

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