Four years ago, I watched several of my friends get arrested in a JPMorgan Chase branch. That day, we were just one part of a civil disobedience action that shut down 13 Chase branches in downtown Seattle. Our demand was simple: stop funding the fossil fuel industry.

Back then, Chase had done virtually nothing on climate. Fast forward to 2021 and not much has changed. Last year, Chase announced that it intends to align its business model with the goals of the Paris Agreement. But without immediate actions, its vague promises are empty.

Now, on March 31st, JPMorgan Chase and 17 other banks, have a $2.2 billion loan to Enbridge, the company behind Line 3, that is due for renewal.

That means that March 31st is the day that Chase must finally get serious about its climate commitments and choose to walk away from the planet-wrecking Line 3.

So we are filling the calendar of Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, and other bank executives, with hundreds of reminders to break up with Line 3 on March 31st ― will you join us?

Activists rally outside a Chase branch on February 19th, 2021. Everyone is masked and wearing yellow cleaning jumpers.
Activists rally outside a Chase branch on February 19th, 2021. Photo by Ahlay Blakely.

According to Enbridge’s own documents, the Line 3 tar sands pipeline would release 193 million tons of greenhouse gas every year. That’s the same as the US’s twelve largest power plants combined. It’s more than double the total annual climate pollution emitted in my home state of Washington.

Line 3 also clearly violates Chase’s own policies when it comes to respecting Indigenous rights. According to Chase’s own policies, its clients must “maintain the full respect for the human rights, dignity, aspirations, culture and natural resource-based livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples.”

Yet, Chase is continuing to fund the Line 3 pipeline, despite the fact that numerous impacted tribal nations are suing to stop it in court.

Click here for instructions on how to flood Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s email calendar that Chase stops funding Line 3.

Over the last two weeks, bank executives have received more than 260,000 emails and 500 phone calls demanding that they walk away from Line 3. Now, if thousands of us send calendar invites to Chase executives and board members, they can have no excuse. They will know that March 31st is the day to break up with Line 3.

You can help make sure our demands are heard by taking action today.

In solidarity,
Alec Connon, for Stop the Money Pipeline

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