This is it: that make or break moment that will decide the fate of the Line 3 pipeline — and our planet. Big banks are still pouring billions of dollars into Enbridge’s Line 3 and the flow of tar sands. This list includes the #1 banker of fossil fuels, JPMorgan Chase.

Call Chase Executive, Daniel Pinto, and tell him to stop the flow of destruction by Line 3.

The risks of Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline are too high: 

  • It would destroy the sacred wild rice beds that the Anishinaabe people depend on for their food, culture, and way of life
  • A spill would contaminate the water supply for millions of people
  • It would contribute as much to the climate crisis as 50 new coal-fired power plants

Bottom line: This pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen, and it’s up to us to make sure it never does.

We can’t let Chase executives hide behind their destructive investments: it’s time to call them out!

Jeanne, after hundreds of billions of dollars poured into fossil fuels in just the last 4 years, Chase says it’s committed to taking meaningful climate action.

This decision to continue bankrolling Line 3 is a pivotal moment for Chase to put its money where its mouth is. You and I know that actions speak louder than words, and it’s time for Chase to pull out of its investments in Line 3. How do we do that? Daniel Pinto can make that happen, and he needs to hear from you today.

Right now, in Minnesota, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco, activists are showing up at over a dozen Chase branches to urge them to stop this climate injustice.

While they knock on Chase’s door, we need you to make a call to the top floor with a clear message: Respect Indigenous rights and protect the climate, stop the line 3 pipeline’s path of destruction.

With enough pressure on the ground and hundreds of calls from supporters like you, Daniel Pinto and Chase can be pressured to stop Line 3 and step away from toxic tar sands for good.

You’ve moved Chase before, Jeanne, and you can do it again — we’re counting on you to help stop this climate disaster. Our people power can pressure the people with power at Chase to carry out real climate action.

In solidarity,

Ruth Breech
Senior Campaigner
Climate & Energy
Rainforest Action Network



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