The Women’s March swept the entire country and the world in 2017. We sent a resounding message that we reject Trump. Now in just 7 days, we will again with the boldest day of action we’ve organized to date.

In Washington DC, there will be targeted direct actions where some of us will put our bodies on the line. Across the country, women and allies will step into the streets to send a message too great to ignore – right as our chances to finally remove Trump from office heat up.

This is too big and too important to sit out. Can you help spread the word on social media and invite your friends to join you in Wenatchee ?

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Women+s March Wenatchee
Numerica PAC
123 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee , WA
Saturday, January 18, 2020, 10:00 AM

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You can also find more events on the map here.

The first Women’s March showed the world that our resistance is massive and fired up. It paved the way for more protests against Trump’s policies and slowed his attacks. It inspired young women and women of color to run for office – many who’d never even considered it – and helped build the blue wave in 2018.

January 18th is the next step to reverse the attacks against our bodies and our rights: people marching in the streets together, rising above Trump and everything he stands for, to win the change we need.

See you in the streets,

Women’s March Team

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