August 2, 2021
Dear Ms. Poirier,

Thank you for writing to me about our environment.  I am more confident than ever in America’s ability to save our planet while creating millions of good-paying jobs, generating significant economic growth, and raising the standard of living for people here at home and around the world.

That’s why my Administration is taking big steps to fight climate change and reverse harmful environmental policies of the past.  To protect our health and preserve the natural beauty of our Nation, we are launching a new “America the Beautiful” initiative to conserve at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030.  We are also standing up to polluters who damage our planet, protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling, and defending bedrock environmental laws that ensure we breathe clean air, drink clean water, and protect fragile wildlife and habitats around the world.

Caring for the environment not only promotes the health of our people and our planet—it advances environmental justice and economic opportunity for all Americans, positioning us to out-compete the rest of the world.  My American Jobs Plan would put Americans to work in good-paying, union jobs improving our environment and helping us tackle the climate crisis.  This includes jobs replacing 100 percent of lead pipes from our drinking water systems; manufacturing electric vehicles in America and building charging stations alongside highways and rural communities; and capping abandoned oil and gas wells and reclaiming abandoned coal mines that leak methane and other harmful chemicals into our communities.

We have the opportunity to build a stronger, more resilient, and more prosperous Nation that seizes the benefits of a clean energy economy—all while advancing environmental justice, conserving our natural wonders, and advancing good jobs and opportunity for our Nation’s workers.  I am confident that, by working together, we can safeguard our planet for generations to come.


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