With Election Day right around the corner, we’ve been receiving more requests from folks asking how they can get involved and join the fight to protect our democracy and planet.

We heard your request. That’s why we’re hosting a special conversation tomorrow night where you’ll hear directly from me, Thanu Yakupitiyage, Associate Director of U.S. Communications, and Betamia Coronel, Regional Campaign Manager, on the launch of our new Climate Democracy Defenders Program and what we’re doing to protect the integrity of our elections.

Will you RSVP to join the Climate Democracy Defenders webinar this Wednesday, October 14 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT?

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There’s so much at stake this election season. But we know that every time someone joins the movement, our collective power grows. If you’re ready to stand up for democracy, join the Climate Democracy Defenders webinar on Wednesday night.

In solidarity,

Brooke Harper
Regional Campaigns Strategist


Donald Trump flagrantly dismisses science — whether it’s the climate crisis or the global COVID-19 pandemic. His actions and inactions continue to endanger millions of lives, pushing our nation closer to a devastating economic collapse and climate chaos.

We know the majority of people want a government that works for them to address the climate crisis, to slow the spread of COVID-19, to create an economy that works for all of us. And when the majority votes, leaders like Trump lose. That’s why he’s threatening to not uphold the results of the election — because he knows he can’t win the old-fashioned way.

If Donald Trump threatens the integrity of our elections, we need to be ready to hold him accountable. That’s why we’re launching the Climate Democracy Defenders Program to mobilize voters, protect every vote, and take immediate action to demand a peaceful transition of power.

If you’re ready to stand up for democracy, sign up to join the Climate Democracy Defenders Program intro call on Wednesday, October 14 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT.

We know that the election results will not be determined on November 3. The final results may not be determined for days, weeks, or even months. The path ahead is murky at best. So we’re working around the clock to bring in our strongest supporters who are ready to step up and get involved.

Our growing movement, which includes our partners Fight Back Table and Protect the Results, is ready to launch an aggressive defense for all potential election scenarios — including Trump claiming victory before all votes are counted, trying to stop counting votes, or refusing to accept a loss.

But we cannot do this alone, Jeanne — we need your help.

Will you join the webinar next Wednesday to learn how you can become a Climate Democracy Defender?

Our work does not end on election night, so thank you for stepping up to say you’re ready to join the fight.

In solidarity,

Brooke Harper
Regional Campaigns Strategist

P.S. Can’t make the webinar but want to join the team? Use this link to join our Climate Democracy Defenders Program today.


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