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I am passing on an invite to an important webinar/conversion happening tomorrow hosted by Shutdown DC which I am a part of. Please try to make it if you can.
I am cross posting this to some lists.
From Patrick Young of Shutdown DC
I know it’s a very busy time for lots and lots of people, but here in DC local organizers are starting to have some serious conversations about how we can mobilize to respond to a major political breakdown in the aftermath of the 2020 election. 

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we would expect that even under normal circumstances this election would be chaotic with lines at the polling places, many election day volunteers staying home to protect their health and the counting of mail in ballots in key states lasting days or weeks after election day.  

And with the Trump administration, these aren’t normal circumstances.  

To help us start the discussion, ShutDownDC has invited Lawerence Douglas a constitutional law scholar and the author of “Will He Go? Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020” to join us for a zoom conversation to explore the myriad ways that things could go off the rails this fall. We’ll be talking at 7pm Eastern this Wednesday (July 29th). We’d invite anybody who is interested in exploring how our social movements can respond to a likely crisis in November to join us!
Everyone is welcome but you must register online ahead of the call at: https://www.shutdowndc.org/post/will-he-go-trump-and-the-looming-2020-election-meltdown 

And if you’re interested in joining the conversation but you can’t make this Wednesday’s call, you can me or Patrick Young from Shutdown DC patrickjamesyoung@gmail.com
Liz Butler
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Organizing and Strategic Alliances 
Friends of the Earth
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