July 14th (a Thursday) is World Orca Day and I’m wondering if you would be interested in deploying your Stand with Tribes/Save Salmon banner on that day, as part of another Multi City Banner Action?


There is a big Salmon Summit in DC that day, hosted by the Nez Perce, so we can stand in solidarity with their amazing work. (Bill will be bringing our inflatable orca and salmon to their rally outside the CapitolJULY

With the news yesterday of the dire health situation of 13 of the 75 Salish Sea Resident orca, I’m hoping we can galvanize action for the orca with our big messages that reach so many folks.

Are you interested/able to join us that day?


Also, if you haven’t yet taken action by letting Senator Murray/Governor Inslee know that you support breaching of the Snake dams, it only takes a couple minutes.  Will you let them know? We are trying to get 50k comments to them by the July 11 deadline and it’s been very slow to get folks to take action.



Thanks, Kevin. I hope you and Susan are well, staying healthy and enjoying the summer!