We will have a busy day this coming Wednesday, October 17th!

Chase Bank Action 11A-Noon at E. Wenatchee, 444 Valley Mall Parkway.  Chase (and Wells Fargo) can walk away from $1.48 billion in credit to Enbridge Line 3 on October 16th and $625 million in credit expiring Dec. 31st – we need to ENCOURAGE THEM to decline these credit renewals!

Then we’ll see Dan Newhouse Mobile Office at E. Wenatchee Library, 271 9th Street and give our support to recovering ORCA while the State Task Force meets.

We’ll end with lunch meeting at Mai Lee Thai, 595 Grant Road #6 in E. Wenatchee.

We’ll be supporting #youthvsgov – the upcoming Juliana v. United States trial Oct. 29th in Eugene at this bank action and again on Oct. 29th.