Each year our volunteer-powered legislative campaign, the 350 WA Civic Action Team (CAT) mobilizes people around WA to advocate for sound and just climate policy. And we are getting ready to open up our campaign to new volunteers for running the 2022 legislative cycle!

To find out what we’re all about and help kick off our campaign for scientifically sound and socially equitable climate policy in Washington state, join our 2022 campaign launch on Wednesday September 29th @ 6:30pm to learn about our campaign and get connected.

Last year our volunteer-powered team successfully mobilized people across Washington to take a collective total of over 18,000 climate policy advocacy actions in the 2021 legislative session. This year, we’re focusing more than ever on building an accessible and equitable community where volunteers can develop the organizing and leadership skills it takes to do good advocacy work.

Hope to see ya at the launch!

— Grace and the 2022 CAT Launch Team Starter Crew