Hello everyone,

Thank you for registering and participating in the meeting for Resources for Interdependence & Organizing (RIO) on Zoom this past Sunday. We had a great turnout, with 18 participants from at least 4 different counties across Central Washington!
Together, we are building a new organization to amplify the voices of progressive activists, build political power for Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ, and immigrant folks in our region, and ensure we have the resources we need to do this important work. You can now join the RIO Facebook group to stay in touch with other progressive activists across Central WA and stay informed about upcoming events, activities, and campaigns:
We also have a volunteer signup form so that folks can start to get plugged in with different efforts for the organization. Please fill it out, and feel free to share it with anyone you know who would like to get involved. (FYI: in the time since I created the Facebook group and shared the volunteer form this evening, 7 people have already signed up! :D)
Last but not least, we will have our next community meeting this Sunday, January 31st from 4-6pm where we will go a bit more into detail about legislative and budget proposals in Olympia, which are becoming a bit clearer. This year our state legislators are looking at some pretty bold proposals, including a statewide community police accountability board bill, various climate initiatives, and taxes on wealth and capital gains. It is crucial for Central WA residents to make our voices heard on these issues, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to do so with this year’s entirely virtual legislative session.
The link for register for this Sunday’s meeting and to join is the same as last week’s: https://tinyurl.com/RIO-Jan21
I am so excited to work with everyone in this group to build community and work towards a more just, equitable, and prosperous future for our region! From Wenatchee to Tri-Cities and in teeny tiny towns, our communities are full of leaders who have overcome many challenges and adversities in the past four years (and beyond). With all the activism happening in our state already this month, the year is off to a promising start.
In solidarity,
-Felipe Rodriguez-Flores (he/him/el)
(206) 920-8441