Housing. The Growth Management Act. Recycling and Waste Reduction. Building Electrification. Forestry. Salmon. Police Accountability. Transportation. All of these policy issues and more are on the table in the 2023 Washington State legislature. 


Are you ready to take action on scientifically sound and socially just and equitable climate policy? The 350 WA Civic Action Team is here to make your legislative advocacy simple and effective. 


You’re invited to take action with us! Last year volunteers in this campaign took a collective total of 21,764 legislative advocacy actions together – with you on our team we can build even more grassroots pressure to pass the climate policies we need here in Washington.


Come join us at 350 WA Civic Action Team’s 2023 legislative campaign kickoff on January 4th @ 6-7:30pm! Learn how you can make your voice heard on sound & just climate policy in Olympia. 


And sign up to take action with us at the 350 WA CAT in 2023! https://www.350wa.org/cat 


The 350 WA Civic Action Team works to make grassroots legislative advocacy easy and accessible for everyone. We have the opportunity to mobilize voices across the state to make our voices heard on climate policy in Olympia.