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Dear friends,

I’m on my way out of New York City, where I’ve just spent the past ten days.

I’ve never had a week like this in all my years working with 350.org. Yes, I’ve marched in the streets — but never with millions around the world at the same time, and never surrounded by youth. Yes, I’ve attended UN summits, but never with the real truth of what’s at stake painstakingly pointed out by a young woman. Yes, I’ve felt whiplashed between sweet hopefulness and deep despair, but never have I felt the surge of energy knowing just how many people are feeling the same way.

The climate movement — and 350.org — turned a corner this week. We are stronger, more circumspect, and better equipped than ever.

You have been there with us through many moments that we hoped would be like this one — but this is different. Thank you for all you’ve done, supported, and enabled. Please soak in this moment and dig deep with us.


May Boeve

May Boeve
Executive Director

7.6 Million People Demanded Action From September 20th – 27th

Photo: Kristian Buus
At a total of over 7.6 million and still counting, the week of Global Climate Strikes is on par with the 2003 anti-Iraq war protest as one of the largest coordinated global protests in history. From September 20th to 27th, millions came together in the streets in all corners of the globe calling for climate action. More than 6,100 events were held in 185 countries… Read more.

Over 4 Million Joined The Global Climate Strike On Just September 20th

Photo: Global Climate Strike
Millions of us demonstrated across the world on September 20th to fight the fossil fuel industry for our future. It’s hard to describe in words what real climate leadership looks like, so I want to show you instead… Read more.

Sign-Up: We Are Unstoppable Webinar

Photo: Teagan Glenane / Survival Media Agency
Do you want to build on the momentum of the climate strikes?

There are many ways to plug in and help build the movement for climate justice! Join this national call to learn about 350.org’s ongoing campaigns and ways to get involved either in a local action group near you or get support to start your own local group. RSVP here.

Watch And Share: Global Climate Strikes Video

Photo: Global Climate Strike
It was a historic day, and it’s just the beginning. 4 million people all over the world joined the youth-led call for climate action. This week and into the future, we will keep working for justice and an end to the fossil fuel era. Watch and share.

$11 Trillion Has Been Committed to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Photo: 350.org
People power has done it again: $11 trillion dollars has been committed to divest from fossil fuels. The rapidly accelerating pace of divestment commitments is striking: while it took two years to shift the first $2 trillion, the most recent $2 trillion has taken just under 6 months. Read more.

From May Boeve: Use Your Power

Photo: Shadia Fayne Wood / Survival Media Agency
On September 20th, I stood on the streets of New York surrounded by 300,000 people, as part of the biggest ever global climate mobilization in the world.

5,800 events in 163 countries, this is an incredible moment. We are seeing a movement, made of people from all ages and backgrounds, trade unions, businesses, health workers, scientists, parents, celebrities and… Read more.

Legacy Giving: How Can You Plan While Helping Your Loved Ones And The Climate?

Photo: 350.org
We certainly hope you will be with us for a long time, and quite frankly, your activism right now has never been more important – whether it is striking for the climate or calling politicians. But the future, and your climate legacy, is something we could all have a plan for.

350.org has partnered with FreeWill to give you a free and easy way to support the climate movement by leaving a gift to 350.org in your will. As an additional thank you from us, this service is free to use whether or not you choose to include a gift to 350.org.

We’ve been honored by the supporters who have reached out to us spontaneously to tell us they included 350.org in their will so we can continue to fight climate change. Now, we’ve made it easier for more people to do the same and receive the support that FreeWill provides in helping get affairs in order.

If you prefer to work with an attorney to create your will, you can use this tool to start your will and document your wishes, saving you time and money. Click here to get started.

Thank you, again, for your ongoing support!

All this progress is a result of your support of 350.org. We can’t thank you enough for being such a strong partner in our fight against climate change.

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