Jeanne —

Tomorrow is International Forests Day, so it seems like a fine moment for us to pay special attention to our very special Pacific Northwest forests, which absorb more carbon than any others (in addition to providing habitat, cooling streams, filtering water, and much more).

(photo of the legacy forest in the “Echo System” timber sale)

Have you taken a look at our Forestry FAQ? Please do! It’s full of critical science that can help fight timber industry propaganda.

Want to make a difference right now? There are three things you can do!

  1. Write to the Thurston County Board of Commissioners to tell them to stop the logging of the Crush Timber sale—a mature “legacy forest” in the Capitol State Forest near Olympia that could be logged as soon as two months from now. There’s lots more information here from our friends at the Center for Responsible Forestry, as well as useful fact-check of DNR talking points here.
  2. Tell the Biden administration to let mature forests grow!
  3. Want to dive in the deep end? Join the webinar Advancing a North American Framework for Protecting Climate-Critical Forests this Tuesday at 11am. Register here.

Across the country and the PNW in particular, we’re finally waking up to how important forests are to our survival. The science and the understandings are coming on fast: this week alone, Sightline came out with an informative article about the need for longer periods between harvests of wood, Bill McKibben wrote a post on the folly of burning biomass, and the role of wildfire in releasing carbon (or not) from forests is being reconsidered.

But all you really need to know is—we need to let forests grow.

Rooted in solidarity,
350 Seattle


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