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The fossil fuel industry is lobbying for a bailout from the Trump administration.

Tell Congress: Any stimulus needs to put people first — reject any Big Oil Bailout!



While we’ve been working to ‘flatten the curve’ and support those on the frontlines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the fossil fuel industry has been working feverishly to advance its dirty energy agenda through the halls of Congress.

Big Oil, Gas, and Coal have successfully lobbied Trump’s Environment Protection Agency to suspend its enforcement of environmental laws, invested billions in new fossil fuel infrastructure like the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and even met in person with Trump in the Oval Office — asking for more protections and more handouts to fuel their dirty agenda.

Last month, thousands of you took action and sent letters to your representatives, urging them to reject any sort of bailout for the fossil fuel industry in the latest coronavirus stimulus bill. And thanks to you, there was no direct bailout to the industry. But a sneaky provision in the latest stimulus bill offers a ‘back-door’ bailout for the fossil fuel industry.

Send a message to your Member of Congress today demanding they oppose any and all efforts to bail out fossil fuel industry executives.

As we speak, the fossil fuel industry is lobbying the Trump administration to open an emergency $4.5 trillion relief fund to bail out coal, oil, and gas companies. They’re also lobbying Congress to divert $3 billion — which could be used for desperately needed COVID-19 relief — toward the purchase of oil for the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Thankfully, there are climate champions in Congress standing up to push back against this dirty energy agenda. Twenty members of Congress signed onto a public letter calling for no fossil fuel bailouts, and there’s legislation in the works to prevent the Trump administration from approving any bailouts for Big Oil, Gas, Coal and keep the focus where it should be — on getting money into the hands of frontline workers and vulnerable communities.

Join us in flooding Capitol Hill with a clear message: Any stimulus needs to put people first and reject aid to big polluters.

This is a critical moment for us to push back against the Big Oil Bailout. We’ve stopped it once, and together we can stop it again and make sure aid is directed to the communities that need it most.

Thank you, from my living room to yours,

Collin Rees
Senior Campaigner
Oil Change International


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