Calendar – December 2021

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In this month’s edition, learn more about how to stop banks from financing the climate crisis, ways to support the global climate emergency declaration movement, and how to make your lifestyle more sustainable, along with plenty of inspiration and refreshment.
These articles were written by AR Hogan, Marta Laatsch, and Ann Kinney-Eittinger,
and edited by Marta Laatsch

Check out what banks are doing to cause the climate crisis and what you can do to stop their fossil fuel investments.

Best thing to do to alter consumer culture? Stop consuming stuff! Read here for reasons and tips to get started.

Petitions for climate emergency declarations at the international, national, and city levels might still be pending, but have you considered fighting for a climate emergency declaration at your college? If you attend a college or university, be sure to check out this inspirational action.

Check out five informational and inspiring podcasts, articles, and TED Talks with links and summaries in this compilation.

You probably already know that plastic straws are generally “bad”, but why, and what can you do about it? Learn more here.

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