Dear Jeanne,

In the middle of a whirlwind, we need a clear vision. We need to think more critically, and act more strategically and lovingly. Most of all, we need to understand how each of us can join the fight for a just and living world.

Stories can help connect us to each other and begin to meet all those needs—so we’re launching a new blog, The Understory. We hope that like mycelium, these stories will knit our ecosystem together, and help us thrive.

The Understory takes root today with three posts. Editor Amanda Sorell writes about the intersections between sobriety and organizing. Editor Annie Dwyer interviews Mazaska Talks co-founder and 350 Seattle leader Rachel Heaton. And Emily Johnston remembers Imogene Williams.

We’ll be offering a new post almost every week. We hope you’ll find them thought-provoking, inspiring, and heartening.

  1. Subscribe to the blog, and never miss a story. To fulfill our weekly commitment, we need you — whether you’re a reader or a writer. If you have good stories or would like to interview other people with good stories, please begin with these guidelines.
  2. Join our workshop next Wednesday evening to learn how to write for The Understory. We’ll be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 26, from 6:00-8:30pm. (It may not go that long, but we want to leave space for questions.) Please register if you’re interested in writing for the blog!
  3. Amplify the launch of The Understory by sharing this post and retweeting this tweet. The more people we reach, the better we can grow.

We look forward to hearing your stories, and to bringing you stories from around the city, and around the world.

Amanda & Annie for 350 Seattle


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