Hi all –

Thanks for joining our call on Monday, and my apologies for being a little tardy in following up with this monthly update! But here’s the news this month…

Welcome to these great new folks joining the team!  🙌🙌🙌

Bob Cox with 350 Yakima; Rhonda with 350 SoCal; Dineen with 350PDX; and Rishi who is a member of Sunrise – Bay Area are all joining us on this listserv. Welcome!!! And remember, we’re a friendly bunch here. If you know anyone else who is interested in jumping in and organizing on Chase, lemme know. I’d be happy to add them to the listserv!

Action, action, action! ✊❤🌎

This past month there were great actions targeting Chase in Washington DC, New York City, Minneapolis, Salem OR, Rhode Island, Albuquerque, and… 350 Mass is having an action at numerous branches in Boston tomorrow. Boom! But this, my friends, is only the beginning!

This campaign is about to go intergalactic! 🚀🌌🛰

In late November, representatives from about thirty organizations, including Rainforest Action Network, 350.org, Sierra Club, Greenpeace USA, Future Coalition, Giniw Collective, Native Movement, Sunrise Project, Majority Action and many more, met in Vermont and came up with a plan to turbocharge our work on the financial sector. On Jan 10th, the coalition is moving forward with a “soft launch” of a re-energized campaign targeting Chase, Blackrock, and Liberty Mutual as Jane Fonda, Bill McKibben and many more risk arrest in a Chase branch in Washington DC. The action will be the final Fire Drill Friday. in DC before Jane returns to LA. It’s going to be an epic. And that sure ain’t all…

On Jan 10th, as Chase is getting #ShutDown in DC, a bunch of our organizations will be taking action around the country. Look out for possible actions in Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, Yakima, and Colorado! Speaking of which… any more takers? Anyone else interested in organizing an action on Jan 10th? If so, please message me off-list and we can talk. It would be a great time to organize an action. And on that note… it feels like we should have a call before Jan 10th to make sure we are as aligned as possible ahead of the action! So…

Our next call… 📞📞📞
What: Chase Campaign – Monthly Call
When: Monday, January 6th, 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern
Where: Zoom. Register for the call details here.

NOTE: We normally have these calls the second Monday of the month, but in January we are having it a week earlier so that we can connect ahead of the Jan 10th action!

And what the heck is happening after Jan 10th anyway? ❓🤔❓

Well, in short, it looks like we are gearing up for a MAJOR national mobilization on Chase as part of Earth Day week. The goal is to disrupt business at 1,000 Chase branches across the country. We can’t do that without you. This is going to be a huge moment for the campaign — and we hope you’ll be there with us, leading the way in your communities. More coming on that very soon. But in the meantime, other great things have been happening…

The #CutTheChaseChallenge! 💲💲💲

Check out all the great videos of people cutting up their Chase credit cards this month! And to get involved, sign up here!

Drowning Jamie Dimon in letters! ✒📝✊

So far, we have around 200 letters to Jamie Dimon! Once we collectively have 1,000 letters, we will all send them all to him at the same time. To join 350 Seattle, 350 Eastside, 350 Yakima, 350 Mass, 350 CO, Rising Tide Chicago, Climate Action Rhode Island, 350 PDX and more in this tactic, please follow these simple steps!

  1. Print off this sample letter to Jamie Dimon (or write your own letter!)
  2. Print however many copies of the letter you think you may need (whether it’s 10 or 100!)
  3. Take copies of the letter to meetings, family gatherings, school reunions & ask people to sign the letter. People can add their own message, add drawings, handprints, or amusing emojis to the letter!
  4. Once you have a signed copy of the letter, put it in an envelope and add either one of Jamie Dimon’s two home addresses. (He has two homes so we will send 500 letters to each of his houses. I’ll share those addresses with everyone who signs up to participate in this tactic!)
  5. And… repeat!

Our goal is to carry out this tactic until we have at least 1,000 letters. I am hoping that will be by early 2020. Excited to help? Great! Please put your name in this spreadsheet and select a goal of how many letters to Dimon you’re going to get signed by the end of the year!

Final call for Birddog training next month! 🐤🐶💪

Apply here!

And, that’s a wrap… 🐢🐢🐢

Whew. You know, it’s starting to feel like we have a real campaign on our hands. Don’t forget to sign up for our next call on Monday, Jan 6th here.

350 Seattle

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