Hi Jeanne,

My name is Nella. I’m a New York City-based nurse as well as a member of the Nurses Union. Years ago, I made a commitment to care for people from communities affected by the climate crisis. That’s why I’m joining folks like you at the Global Climate Walk Out September 20th-27th.

The current climate crisis will not leave any part of the world unscathed by disaster, and families like mine in the Philippines are currently on the frontlines dealing with the impacts. Thanks to the work of organizers like yourself, I know if we tell as many people we know to join us for this international week of action, we will have a chance.

Watch and share our latest video about union workers like me who are joining the climate strikes on September 20th-27th. Let’s show the world what taking action on climate looks like – the climate crisis won’t wait, so neither should we.

I’ve seen first-hand how the climate crisis is impacting my home communities in New York and the Philippines. In 2013, when SuperStorm Sandy ravaged NYC, it was nurses like myself that were there as first responders, evacuating patients from hospitals and filling in the gaps where traditional relief efforts were slow to respond.

Only a year later, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and I stepped in as a medical responder to take care of survivors from the devastating aftermath. As long as we continue to allow the fossil fuel industry to drive the climate crisis, workers will continue to bear the brunt of climate chaos. Enough is enough; another future is possible if we all show up and demand it.

This strike is for everyone. Millions of school strikers, who have been taking to the streets calling for bold climate action for over a year, want people of all ages to join them — including parents, teachers, workers, retirees and all concerned people. Can you share our video to show your friends and family that people of all ages are coming together for this week of global climate action?

This year’s student climate strikes align with nursing values – like caring for one another. And with our union values – like solidarity. And on the most basic human value – survival. Let’s not miss our moment.

In unity,


P.S. Help us make this the biggest climate mobilization ever by forwarding this e-mail and inviting 5 of your friends and family members to join this year’s Global Climate Strikes.

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