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Dear friends,

There are some very positive signs of how the fossil fuel industry is on the decline. We pay close attention to these signals as a way of understanding our impact.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a Global Climate Strike near you — please do so right away. From now until September 20, our focus is on making the Global Climate Strikes a resounding worldwide success and amplifying the voices of young people. You can read the following letter from young leaders to get further inspired.

Meanwhile, I hope you can take some time to share the videos and stories below — each showcases something powerful and significant about movement building.

Thank you so much for your continued support of this work.


May Boeve

May Boeve
Executive Director

Global Climate Strike Update

Photo: Julie Boffy
As students, parents, workers, and a huge range of people gear up for massive climate strikes in September, here’s a few collected stories and highlights from… Read more.

Why I’m Joining The Climate Strike — And Why You Should, Too

Photo: 350 Pilipinas
To tell you why I’m joining the Climate Strike this September, I need to start with a box. In June of 2016, my great-grandmother ‘Dada Ming’ passed away at 96 years old. In her will she left a lot for her grandkids and great-grandchildren to remember her by. My sister received… Read more.

As The Amazon Burns Brazilians Demand Climate Action

Photo: 350 Brazil
Citizens disrupted the Brazilian Environment Minister to highlight the lack of action on fossil fuels and forest protection in addressing the climate crisis. As the news of the Amazon burning at an unprecedented pace in Brazil continues, citizens disrupted the responsible Minister at a panel of… Read more.

Pacific Island States Declare Climate Crisis

Photo: Jeff Tan
A ‘climate crisis’ has been declared in a special session during the 5th Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Leaders’ Summit and first Conference, echoing the global movement declaring… Read more.

Recap: World Indigenous Peoples Day

Photo: 350 Brazil
On World Indigenous Day, we call for climate solutions that are centered in traditional knowledge and indigenous leadership. This video shares why this is the real resistance… Read more.

Calling On Facebook To Ban Ads By Fossil Fuel Companies

Photo: Brian Solis
Facebook claims to be committed to reducing its carbon footprint – but its willingness to accept money from the companies causing climate breakdown says otherwise. Read more and sign the petition.

Watch: The Curse of Coal

Photo: Servet Dilber
Watch this documentary about the people of Muğla, a town in western Turkey, and their struggle against the lignite coal mines that impact their health, culture, economy and social life. Read more and watch the documentary.

All this progress is a result of your support of 350.org. We can’t thank you enough for being such a strong partner in our fight against climate change.

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