How do EVs fit into a harmonized transportation system? Join us for a presentation by Landscape Architect and Solutionary Robert Colón.

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 25th)

5 PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern


This jam-packed presentation will explore the question: Are EVs a real climate solution?

Urban and regional designs that are auto-centric reinforce systemic inequalities, regardless of fuel source. Electric vehicles are an important tool in the fight against the climate crisis, but they are not the only tool we need if we wish to have transformative human and environmental justice, as envisioned by the Green New Deal.

EVs, Smart Growth, and Environmental Justice investigates how electric vehicles can work in unison with a mode shift from cars and trucks to rail, Smart Growth development policies, lithium battery recycling, and the mitgation of lithium mining impacts on the Global South, for a comprehensive and equitable response to the climate crisis.

Sign up today and plan to join us Thursday evening!