The first public poll on our campaign just came out.

It shows what we always have known:
1) I-1631 is leading among voters and it’s clear that Washingtonians want clean energy, clean air, and they don’t trust big oil.
2) This election is going to be CLOSE, but that we CAN win and defeat big oil and their money.
3) Undecided voters will come down to who they trust and every conversation we have with our neighbors, our friends, and at the doors is essential to help us win.
Close your eyes. Now imagine it’s 8 PM on election night and we’ve lost the election by 500 votes. Think about how you would feel, especially if there was something you could have done that you didn’t.

This election could be that close. But you can get to election night knowing you’ve done everything you possibly could. Sign up for as many shifts as you can through election day!

1. Find a canvass or phonebank near you here – We need to fill 1,500 more shifts!

2. Have some time in the evening? Sign up for a calling shift from home – we need to fill 1,000 more calling shifts

3. Spread the word by sending an email with VOTERCIRCLE – we need 25 more volunteers to use Votercircle

WEC/CV is now hosting weeknight phonebanks in downtown Seattle in the Vance building. Join them to make calls (rumor has it they have the best phonebanking snacks in town!)

Calling all Scientists for I-1631
Scientists across the state are organizing for supporting 1631. They’ve released an open letter you can sign onto.

60 scientists have signed the open letter so far. We’re hoping to get to 200. If you’re a scientist please sign it! If not, please pass it on to someone who is.

Share our new AD

Oil money is flowing in from Texas and we’re calling that out in our latest ad on TV and Social Media. Can you share it to help it get around?

Responding to Oily Lies
Big oil companies and the Koch Brothers are flooding our TVs and social media with lies about I-1631. The best way for us to push back is by having real conversations with voters.

Yesterday I sent all of you an email with some of our best tips to respond and this FAQ.

Remember the most effective response starts by 1) Naming the people who wrote our initiative like the American Lung Association, the Nature Conservancy, and the League of Women Voters and 2) pointing out that 5 big oil companies have already spent $20 Million because they don’t want to be held accountable for their pollution.

For many undecided voters their vote will come down to who they trust. Letting them know who wrote this and who is opposing it is the most effective way to win their vote.

SHARE this powerful message from Naomi Klein
In case you missed this powerful message from author Naomi Klein here it is! Please share this around social media and use it to help recruit your friends and family to volunteer!

Fiery endorsement from The Stranger!
“The first thing you need to know about I-1631 (henceforth referred to as “the carbon fee”) is that the SECB—an ungovernable collection of maladapted hacks who hate each other as much as they hate themselves—support it unanimously.”

Read the whole endorsement here.

Volunteer Resources!

1. Watch our canvass training video

2. Watch a recording of our canvassing/messaging webinar

3. Read our inspiring “Plan To Win” to learn exactly who we’re talking to, and the most important roles you can play.

4. Check out our calling guide and hop on the phones for I-1631!

Canvasses this weekend
This week we have canvasses from Walla Walla to Bellingham! Sign up for one of the canvasses below or check the map for the full list.

Endorsements this week 
If you know a group who might endorse 1631 email Lauren@yeson1631.org

  • The Stranger
  • Bill Gates
  • Macklemore
  • Van Jones
  • Naomi Klein
  • Congregation Eitz Or
  • City of Bremerton
  • City of Seattle
  • Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Seattle Councilmember Lisa Herbold
  • Women of Color Speak Out
  • Na’ah Illahee Fund
  • Alki Bike and Board
  • Model Remodel
  • Bentler
  • Evergreen Certified LLC
  • Skagit Valley Food Coop
  • Laurie Jay
  • Skydain Botanicals
  • Dubsea Coffee
  • Evergreen Escapes
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Our Revolution San Juan County
  • Washougal City Councilmember Alex Yost
  • St Johns Apartments
  • St Johns Bar and Eatery
  • Other Coast Cafe
  • Ayutthaya Thai Restaraunt

In the Media

Top Canvassers for doors knocked  this week:

1000 club – Mason has some close competition!

  • Mason Rolph 1,539 – Olympia, WA
  • Andy Sorgen 1,365 – Everett, WA
  • Kristin Edmark 1,120 – Battleground, WA

500 club

  • Andrew Brinkhaus 990 – Issaquah, WA
  • Seth Mangold 769 – Hamilton, WA
  • Caryl Utigard 686 – Seattle, WA
  • Richard Lipsky 679 – Kenmore, WA
  • Don Steinke 672 – Vancouver, WA
  • Sasha Smith 659 – Bellingham, WA
  • Jasmine MacLean 625 – Olympia, WA
  • Rachel Malloy 619 – Redmond, WA
  • Connie Campbell 579 – Olympia, WA
  • Myra Harmer 536 – Bellingham, WA
  • Richard Voget 534 – Seattle, WA
  • Martha Sshammer 531 – Bellingham, WA
  • Neal Anderson 527 – Sammamish, WA
  • Carter Morfitt 522 – Olympia, WA
  • Chris Covert-Bowlds 500 – Seattle, WA

300 Club

  • Jim Cook 459- Tacoma, WA
  • Brian Emanuels 446 – Mercer Island
  • Larry Sukut 401 – Bremmerton
  • Barak Gale 399 – Olympia, WA
  • Doug Engebretson 380 – Tacoma, WA
  • Sarah Sachs 372 – Tacoma, WA
  • Derek Hanson 369 – Seattle
  • John Riley 365 – Carnation, WA
  • Alastair Dallas 353 – Seattle, WA
  • Wyatt Helin 353 – Seattle, WA
  • Daniel Kirkpatrick 349 – Bellingham, WA
  • Nancy Vandenberg 337 – Snohomish, WA
  • Nick Engelfried 335 – Bellingham, WA
  • Cathryn Chudy 328 – Vancouver, WA
  • Fred Suter 321 – Vancouver, WA
  • Heidi M Cody 316 – Vancouver, WA
  • Linda Cohan 316 – Tacoma, WA
  • Devon Kellogg 314 – Redmond, WA
  • Bill Angel 309 – Bellingham, WA
  • Deb Hagen-Lukens 308 – Seattle, WA
  • Karl Pauls 304 – Seattle, WA

Volunteer Highlight of the week:
Our volunteer highlight goes out to Bianca! She cares about clean air and clean energy for Washington! She’s out canvassing for I-1631 and so far has knocked on 50 doors!! Yes 50! Her goal is 100 doors before the election. Big turfs and asking voters to sign pledge cards don’t intimidate her!

Small Business Endorsements  – We have signs for small businesses and a goal of sweeping up 200 small business endorsements. Ask your favorite coffee shop, your yoga studio, or maybe you own your own small business. Email Lauren@yeson1631.org to request signs and we’ll mail them to you.


Write a letter to the editor (LTE)
Thanks to everyone who submitted letters to the editor last week! Remember the best letters are personal stories that explain why you believe in 1631, as opposed to policy explanations. We’ve created an LTE guide with some great samples Check it out here

You can also run your LTE’s by jack@yeson1631.org if you want feedback.


25 days. That’s what we have left. Let’s work like our future depends on it, because it does!

Ahmed Gaya
Field Director, Yes On 1631
4347 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
206-535-6617 (office)
773-960-2587 (cell)

Connect with other climate justice stewards by joining our SLACK Channel or our Facebook group.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:
Yes On 1631 Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. To ensure everyone is respected and empowered on our campaign we’ve established a volunteer code of conduct. Please read it here.


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