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Third Act supporters at a climate rally
Dear Jeanne,

This is a very joyous note for us to be sending since so many of you are new to Third Act as of this past week. After the enormous response to Akaya and Bill’s oped in the New York Times, they’ve just let us know they’re running it again in their weekend edition—perhaps we’re on to something here!

If you’re new to Third Act, welcome. You’re joining tens of thousands of folks over 60 who want to work together to protect our democracy and our environment. We build campaigns, we organize our communities, we come together for events and trainings (all online, for now), and we’re assembling a killer playlist along the way.

Third Act launched in December, and in January introduced the Banking on our Future campaign to put the four biggest climate-offending banks on notice: if they don’t move their money out of fossil fuels, we’ll move our money elsewhere. We’ve received great questions from you about the pledge and our plans, strategy & partnerships, so we’ve just updated the page with an FAQ section.

Here’s our actions checklist for February 

People protesting in front of Chase Bank demanding end to funding polluting fossil fuel projects

What’s next?

  • In next week’s training call we’ll continue to explore the nuts and bolts of organizing and movement-building, looking at a basic building block of relational organizing: “The 1:1.” You can register here.
  • The following week, on February 23rd, you’ll hear from Representative Jamie Raskin on our national call about the state of our democracy. Here’s the link to sign up.
  • In March, we will announce plans to get Third Actors mobilized to safeguard our voting rights, ensuring free and fair elections remain a central pillar of the American experiment.

We’re so glad to be on this path with you—

Vanessa & team at Third Act

P.S. Happy 85th birthday to Roberta Flack, one of the great voices of our time–here’s her recording of the classic civil rights anthem Oh Freedom, from the Soul to Soul Festival in Accra, Ghana.

Third Act
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