Hey Jeanne,

Is the President meeting with healthcare workers on the frontlines who are reusing masks and risking themselves to save lives with no protection? No.

Is he meeting with one of the 10 million newly unemployed workers that filed for unemployment in the last 3 weeks? No.

As the coronavirus pandemic soars to over 230,000 cases, Trump is rolling out the red carpet this weekend to host the CEO’s of Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Big Oil at the White House. This is an abomination. 

As talks are underway for a fourth stimulus package, we need to demand that Congress hold the line: No bailout to Big Oil and Gas companies – only bailouts for people. Sign the petition now. 

Trump continues to line the pockets of his pals at Big Oil and Gas companies and send crumbs to support the livelihoods of the people. And it doesn’t stop there. Over the last week we’ve seen:

    • Keystone XL moving forward: Trump paved the way to revive the Keystone XL pipeline through executive orders. Now the Government of Alberta has invested $1.1 billion and greenlit construction of the pipeline. As you read this, workers are descending on Montana to build the pipeline placing Indigenous communities in harms way as the pandemic grows
    • The EPA suspends enforcement of environmental laws: The EPA announced that it would be suspending enforcement of environmental laws giving fossil fuel companies the right to skirt environmental regulations
    • Relief provided for Polluters: The Trump administration is pushing for more kickbacks to the oil industry, working to institute tariffs, buy up debt and strategic reserves, and push through leases on public lands to make fracking free for all. 

With the climate denier in chief pushing forward his own agenda, Congress is our last line of defense to ensure that we invest in healthcare for all in the midst of this crisis, protect workers impacted by the pandemic, and provide direct relief to every single person regardless of immigration status.

Tell Congress to bail out people and not polluters. 

This fourth stimulus package offers a new opportunity for Congress to provide necessary, direct relief to the people. With the stroke of a pen, Congress can put a down payment on a future that doesn’t leave people suffering and instead invests in a vision where healthcare, a living wage, and a livable planet are prioritized as human rights.

Sign now. 

Until we win,

Clarissa Brooks

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