Hi there, I’m Bonnie Wright — Actor, Director, Activist and Greenpeace Oceans Ambassador. I’ve been working with Greenpeace over the last several years to support their global efforts to protect the environment and help achieve the vision we share for a healthy and sustainable world.

In what felt like the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything and has shaken the world to its core. Since the onset of this crisis, Greenpeace has been working around the clock to push lawmakers and decision makers to prioritize people and the planet over polluters and profits. Despite facing the same difficult challenges that so many organizations are facing at this time, they are fighting every day for the health of our earth and our future.

I want to share this three-minute video that I narrated, which highlights Greenpeace’s message of urgency, tenacity and — most importantly — hope, in the face of the monumental challenges that are currently facing our world.

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For over 50 years, Greenpeace has been leading the fight to protect the environment. In the midst of this crisis, all of their expertise, campaign experience, and rapid response capabilities are being called into play as they work to stop a bailout of the oil and gas industry, leverage newly evolving opportunities to push for a clean and renewable energy future, and work in the context of this pandemic to effectively protect ancient forests and safeguard our global oceans.

Without question, the fight that lies ahead of us is an extremely difficult one. But Greenpeace is well positioned to navigate through this global crisis towards a golden opportunity for change. Despite the difficulties, they are ready to lead this fight, at a time when the world needs a strong Greenpeace more than ever.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video, and please join me in supporting Greenpeace. Be part of the fight to change the world.

Bonnie Wright
Actor, Director & Greenpeace Oceans Ambassador

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