What was your favorite Halloween candy growing up? Did you like Starburst and Skittles or Snickers and Butterfingers? Maybe Now & Laters were more of your jam?

Those sweet candy centers are hiding something sinister from you, Jeanne: there’s an ingredient lurking in your favorite candy that’s scarier than any Halloween horror movie you might have picked out to watch this year.

That’s because chainsaws were used to massacre rainforests in the name of candymakers like Mars, Mondelēz, and Ferrero. That’s right, Skittles ads might talk about rainbows, but what you’re really tasting is death.

So no, candy doesn’t grow on trees, but it IS causing rainforest destruction.

Wait, what now? How do candymakers fit rainforest destruction into chocolate and sweets? That sounds horrible and impossible. (RIGHT!!!???)

I can tell you the frightening truth: there’s Conflict Palm Oil in these candies and a whole host of other ingredients that could be driving rainforest destruction around the globe.

In other words, rainforests — including the last remaining habitat where Sumatran elephants, orangutans, tigers, and rhinos all co-exist — were cleared by chainsaws or bulldozed and burned to make way for plantations supplying ingredients for the candy and chocolate we’re giving our kids for Halloween. How’s that for a trick instead of a treat?

And if you think that’s scary, I’ve got some more news that’s sure to make you scream: these giant candymaker corporations  — with cute cartoon M&Ms and naughty little Sour Patch Kids — are also responsible for human rights violations like land theft, labor abuses, and intimidation.

I know, it’s a lot, and you might be tempted to hide under the covers, right? But there is something you can do, Jeanne.

It’s time to scare these corporate giants straight. There’s nothing they fear more than YOU.

You have the power to turn these candymakers from being monsters to becoming the heroes we need them to be. Together, we can shift the entire candy industry to STOP destroying rainforests.

Let’s show candymakers who’s boss,

Maggie Martin
Senior Forest Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network



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