The NSLU pipeline comes within 11 feet of some homes.

Image: This fracked gas pipeline comes within 11 feet of some homes.

Jeanne —

Two weeks ago we asked you to write to Snohomish County Planning about their decision to allow the North Seattle Lateral Upgrade to move forward. Now you have another chance to say No to more fracked gas in north Seattle. The Department of Ecology denied the project’s 401 Water Certification permit — and Williams, the company building the new pipeline, immediately appealed the decision. Now public comment on the appeal is being accepted through April 1st.

Click here to let the Department of Ecology know this project’s negative impacts on water quality can’t be ignored, any more than its long-term impact on our climate can!

The Williams Company has proposed the expansion of six miles of fracked gas pipeline in south Snohomish County. Puget Sound Energy is backing the project, planning to double the amount of fracked gas delivered to north Seattle homes.

The Sightline Institute has written that this project:

  • Increases fracked gas capacity 63% when current capacity isn’t maxed out;
  • Causes a 3% increase in state carbon emissions;
  • Invests in fracked gas infrastructure that slows our transition to a fossil free future;
  • Disrupts 15 streams, including Little Bear Creek, Evans Creek, Tambark Creek, Great Dane Creek and their tributaries;
  • Harms already threatened Chinook salmon, which are essential to the survival of our local orca population.

Water quality for local homeowners is also likely to suffer, as most of the route runs through an EPA-designated aquifer.

Don’t delay! Get your comment in by Monday, April 1st, contruction is scheduled to begin in May! 

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