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TC Energy’s decision to push through Keystone XL *now*, while COVID-19 is growing exponentially, is outrageous. But you know who thought it was a great move? JPMorgan Chase and Citi. Just *yesterday*, they led the underwriting of $1.25 billion in bonds for TC Energy.
Indigenous Environmental Network, 350 Seattle, Amazon Watch and RAN put together a statement: https://www.ran.org/press-releases/reckless-keystone-xl-decision-backed-by-chase-citi-and-banks/
The statement also calls out, among other finance companies:
  • BlackRock (on Wednesday, four Canadian banks led another multi-billion dollar bond issuance, and BlackRock bought up a chunk of those bonds)
  • Liberty Mutual (which has already been shown to be supporting KXL)
This came together quickly, so we don’t have social tools, but please share the release if you want! Fingers crossed there will be media coming too.
Jason Opeña Disterhoft
Climate and Energy Senior Campaigner | Rainforest Action Network
425 Bush St Ste 300, San Francisco CA 94108
P.S. Other crucial KXL resources:
And of course this week’s support for TC Energy will support Coastal GasLink as well as KXL; more on Coastal GasLink financing here.