Pipelines like Keystone XL, Line 3, and Trans Mountain bring destruction and violence to Indigenous Peoples and their land. As ‘man camps’ from fossil fuel corporations move into Indigenous territory to construct these pipelines, Indigenous women and girls are being kidnapped and murdered.

These projects bring destruction to the lands, water, and lives of Indigenous peoples across the U.S. and Canada.

But companies, like Chase and Liberty Mutual, are STILL financing and insuring pipeline projects that bring devastation to Indigenous communities. Last week, a critical permit was approved for the Line 3 pipeline to move forward. So we’re going straight to the source. This only stops when the flow of money stops.

That’s why it’s critical for Chase and Liberty Mutual to meet with Indigenous Women leaders and cut all ties to tar sands.

Over 40 Indigenous Women leaders have called on bankers and insurers to respect Indigenous rights and stop backing tar sands pipelines once and for all. In solidarity with Indigenous Women, we’re asking you to urge Chase and Liberty Mutual to meet with the Indigenous communities they continue to harm.

With your help, we won’t let these companies keep ignoring the call from over 40 Indigenous Women leaders: the call to put people over profits and halt the worsening of direct impacts these companies have already put on Indigenous communities.

Chase and Liberty Mutual continue to ignore the open letter demanding policies that respect Indigenous rights, drive a just transition toward renewable, regenerative energy, and end all support for dirty tar sands oil.

It’s time for Chase and Liberty Mutual to meet with Indigenous Women leaders, bring an end to tar sands, and stop destroying their homelands.

Tar sands pipelines have no place on Indigenous lands or in a liveable future.

In solidarity,

Elana Sulakshana
Energy Finance Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network



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